Prepare Your Dog for Autumn

woman trying to walk her dog in the rain

Wet and muddy days. Dark mornings and evenings. Walking the dog during Autumn or the Fall has its challenges.

Here are 5 tips to help you keep your dog safe, clean and happy.

1. Buy a reflective collar and/or leash for evening and early morning walks.

You may find reflective Velcro strips at sporting goods stores that are intended for outdoorsmen to put around their arms. They're also the perfect size to put around a Toy breed dog's neck. Otherwise, take a look at reflective collars, reflective harnesses/vests or safety lights.

2. Have a warm sweater or raincoat for your dog.

Make sure it's machine washable and has an opening on the back to attach a leash to his harness.

3. Trim (or have the groomer do it) the hair around your dog's feet so there is less mud adhering to his paws.

4. Place some old towels or wipes by the door.

Make it easy to dry off wet dog feet before he tromps through your house. It helps if you've taught him the Sit command so he stays by the door until you get him dried.

I use Walmart Equate's everyday clean fragrance-free wipes for dogs and humans.

Tip: old newspapers are perfect to line a house entryway, dog house, crate or car floor. Throw away when muddied.

5. Consider purchasing Petlife Vetbed Original for Dog/ Cat or similar product.

The original Vetbed keeps dogs dry. It comes in several layers so you can place one in your dog's bed and your car.

It absorbs moisture and helps keep your dog warm and dry. Once back home, wash it or shake it out. It's ready for re-use.

If Vetbed is out of your price range, there are some similar products for less money at liners.

Enjoy all the delights of Fall with your canine companion.

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