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About Us - Louise Louis


Being a long-time dog person, dog writer and certified canine specialist, I have more than 25-years experience and lessons learned to share with you.

My website and Special Reports are drawn from real life, not fads.

There are two goals for this website.

One is to debunk the 'dogs are just furry people' philosophy.

Should you love your dog, treat him like royalty and consider yourself his Mom or Dad? Of course!

But stay grounded in reality. He's a dog. He will bark, shed, have 'accidents,' jump, chew, dig and chase fast moving objects. You need to recognize that but minimize bad behaviors with training.

A poor dog cannot fail to disappoint a human being who's expecting to have all his/her emotional needs met by a small canine. Or, who's expecting his dog to behave like a canine Emily Post on all occasions. Won't happen.

Goal two is to educate dog lovers and owners on the goals and tactics of the animal rights activists including PETA and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

It's legitimate to believe, as animal rights activists do, that no dog (or other animal) should serve as a pet for a human being because no species should have more rights than another. I don't agree with it, but it
is a lawful philosophy.

I do object when animal rights activists are dishonest about their goals or lobby for legislation that has the long-term goal of ending pet ownership.

Remember, if no one is breeding dogs, it will only take a couple generations to ensure no dogs are available for us to have as pets.

Nice for PETA and HSUS but horrible for the rest of us.

I'm also the author of the 99-cent Puppy Care series:

Puppy's First Year: What to Expect Month by Month
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Puppy Caregivers: How to Pick Them
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A to Z: 25 Common Puppy Problems
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What If Your Dog Outlives You
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