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My Dog Has Fleas (maybe)!
What fleas look like and how to use a flea comb


Image of Frontline Plus flea and tick preventive for dogs under 20 pounds
Frontline Plus

I hope you never really need this. It is a nightmare to get rid of fleas from a dog and your home. It often requires a professional cleaning company especially if you have carpet, drapes and upholstered furniture.

It's so much easier to use a monthly flea and tick preventive.

However, if you've taken in a rescue or abandoned dog or just gotten unlucky, here's a quick video from a veterinarian that shows what fleas look like and how to use the flea comb.

A nice comb to use is the Safari Flea Comb with a Double Row of Teeth It's ergonomic handle gives you a non-slip, comfortable grip and it can go through your dishwasher to be cleaned and sterilized.

Flea Comb

Note - this same manufacturer makes a single rowed Safari Flea Comb for Dogs with a wood handle. I actually like that handle better than the plastic one, but I wouldn't put wood through my dishwasher. The double rowed teeth comb does work much better however.

Keep a glass with hot water at hand and dip the comb in there periodically to clean it off as you're working on your dog.

Please review the description of popular preventives at
http://www.toybreeds.com/fleaticks.htm and
5 Dangerous Myths about Flea Prevention at http://toybreeds.com/fleas.htm.

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