His nickname is the 'monkey dog' and that aptly describes his playful and energetic personality. Couch potatoes may not like him, but active, alpha owners will appreciate him.

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Brussels Griffon

Low maintenance except for his sensitive nature, he doesn't do well if left alone for long periods. He's small enough for seniors and usually bonds with one special person. His comical, affectionate nature appeals to many.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Sure, he's super cute and charming, but he's still a spaniel and will chase anything that runs by him. He also sheds a great deal and can have his feelings hurt.

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A small dog with a deservedly big following. Today's version is not the yappy little terror of yore. A Chihuahua needs lots of love, minimal grooming, little exercise and a warm spot in your home and on your lap.

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Chinese Crested

If you believe pretty is as pretty does, you'll love this breed. The hairless version is startling at first look but his affectionate, even clingy, nature make this dog perfect for people who want a constant companion.

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English Toy Spaniel

His calm nature makes him good for apartment/condo owners and sedentary owners. He can be too stand-offish for some owners but others appreciate his gentle nature.

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One of the few Toy breeds I recommend for families with children. He has enough energy to keep up with an active family and the temperament to get along with other pets.

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Italian Greyhound

Talk about low maintenance. Grooming and shedding are minimal. He's naturally quiet, odorless and doesn't want much exercise. Housebreaking will be a bear but otherwise, he's undemanding.

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Japanese Chin

Intelligent and sociable, these little charmers are ideal for people who also like cats. Like cats, Chins tend to use their paws to scoop food and clean their face. Climbing into a cozy area for a nap is their idea of exercise.

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Except for the coat maintenance, the Maltese may be the perfect dog: small, trainable, easy going, and affectionate. If you're willing to make the effort to keep his coat white, this is a great dog.

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Manchester Terrier

Full of spunk, these true terriers need training and a firm but kind owner to avoid the dreaded bs: barky and busy. If you want more than a lap dog, you'll find Manchesters to be devoted and loving companions.

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Miniature Pinscher

He sees himself as the Pinscher, not the Miniature. This energetic and assertive little dog is not the ideal pick for novice dog owners. If you're prepared to be the leader of the pack, however, you'll find him a lively companion.

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Big ears with an even bigger heart. This is a sweet, affectionate dog who's very trainable. The downside is he's one of the most fragile of the Toy breeds but doesn't always recognize that.

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You may be shocked the first time you try to pick up such a small dog. These lap dogs are heavy! Pekes are great watchdogs and fiercely independent. That makes them tough to train but ideal for owners who work.

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His much larger cousin once pulled sleds through Lapland, but today's little bundle of fur is more than happy to just pull himself up on your lap. He's trainable but needs a firm owner or he'll assume the role of boss. Own a vacuum cleaner.

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With the most expressive face in dogdom, the Pug is usually self contained and a good choice for people who work. Despite his short coat, he sheds a lot and requires daily grooming. The upside is his merry and easy going temperament.

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Shih Tzu

Playful and affectionate without being boisterous, this dog is a good choice for apartment/condo dwellers. You'll need to be patient and consistent with housebreaking though.

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Silky Terrier

Larger and sturdier than his Yorkshire cousin, this Toy terrier is a beauty but one that doesn't smell and doesn't shed much. He'll be active, he's a terrier after all; but he's intelligent and will enjoy learning.

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Toy Fox Terrier

He's probably the easiest of the Toy breeds to housebreak and train. Sure, he's a terrier but after running around all day, he'll be more than happy to curl up on your lap and watch TV.

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Toy Poodle

Probably the highest IQ among the Toys, he can be trained to do anything and makes a great watchdog. Low maintenance grooming with periodic professional trimming, he's a good choice for people with allergies.

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Yorkshire Terrier

Think Terrier. Neither one of you will be happy unless you understand he'll always need barking privileges. This dog is more than a beautiful face, however, he's a great watchdog who doesn't require much exercise.

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