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Nina Ottosson Dog Toys
Magic, Tornado, Twister,
The pioneer line of interactive dog toys

Swedish-born Nina Ottosson began developing her dog toys about 20 years ago. After she had two children, she found she no longer had the time (sound familiar?) to train and compete her two dogs the way she previously had.

Her solution was to develop toys that mentally challenged her dogs and kept them busy. Initially they were made of wood and both heavy and pricey.

In the last few years, her line has offered canine-friendly plastic toys that are usually safe for the top shelf of a dishwasher but often still pricey.

Do keep in mind, however, that many of her toys have small plastic parts that can be chewed but not necessarily swallowed! Throw out worn toys and don't leave your dog alone with a toy that has lots of moving pieces.

Below are three of my favorite toys from her line. You can see her entire line at Ottosson dog toys

Dog Magic Interactive
Plastic Toy

Dog Magic Interactive Plastic Toy

The easiest one for a dog to learn. He just flips up the white plastic pieces to get a treat.

If this toy engages your dog, you can move him on to move difficult ones.

Dog Tornado Interactive
Plastic Toy

Dog Tornado Interactive Plastic Toy

This is a fun one and of medium complexity. Several friends feed their small dogs 100% with this toy.

See the video above on how dogs use it.

Dog Twister Interactive game

The most challenging one of these three.

Hide the treats in the depressions under the blocks so your dog has to move one block after another in a circular motion to get a treat.

To add more difficulty, lock the blocks with the bone pegs.

I'd start out by showing my dog the treat and let him watch me place it in the twister. Show him how to twist the blocks so he can get the food. Then turn him loose on it.


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