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Should Pit Bulls Be Adopted?

'Pit bull owners fall into three categories: 'Creeps. Imbeciles. Do-gooders'
Boston sports columnist Michael Felger
(and boy, did he get flamed)

color image of pit bull  junkyard godg
On alert

'In the end, the issue returns to a common sense question: Is it safe to own a dog that can easily, if the animal chooses, overpower you?'

Public shelters are swamped with pit bulls

The issue of whether rehabilitation works and potential liability if it doesn't is huge in today’s county shelters. In many areas, a majority of dogs in shelters are pit bulls or pit bull mixes.

The Wisconsin Journal newspaper reported that a county humane society was spending $6,000 a WEEK to care for 47 pit bulls authorities believe were bred for fighting.

Half the available space in the shelter was devoted to the dangerous dogs and the organization had to cut back on efforts for other animals because of the costs.

In addition, the humane society had to hire guards to protect the shelter during off hours because unknown terrorists have threatened to harm society employees should they harm the pit bulls.

If you watch Animal Planet, you know that some Humane Societies do not allow pit bulls to be adopted and euthanize all pit bull strays.

That’s because there's no way to control how an adopted pit bull will be used and there's the potential liability if an adopted pit bull injures or kills someone.

Government-sponsored shelters are considered to have ‘deep pockets’ and can be sued if an adopted dog attacks.

Can rehabilitation work?

Can you stop a Border collie from herding? Can you stop a Yorkshire terrier from barking? Can you stop a Spaniel from chasing squirrels?

Dogs have been bred for certain qualities over generations. Is it arrogance or ignorance that makes someone think they can undo decades of Mother Nature with a couple weeks training?

Here again is columnist Michael Felger on Pittsburg Steelers Linebacker James Harrison after Harrison's son was attacked by the family pit bull:

'I’m sure you were happy to learn that after finally seeing his son released from the hospital on Tuesday, Harrison declared through his agent that he’s looking into ways to keep his pit bull from being destroyed. You know, find him a home. Relocate him. Sort of like a pedophile priest.'

Pit bulls were bred to be aggressive with the physical ability in their jaws to clamp down and hold on. Like it or not, in America it's dog fighting that's made the breed what it is today.

Dog fights culled out the weaker dogs. The strongest and most aggressive survived to breed other pits bulls with the stamina and tolerance to absorb pain.

Check dog bites report. Pit bulls are not the breed who bite the most, but they are the breed that bites the worst. Pit bulls kill more people every year than any other breed, often more than all other breeds combined. Visit http://www.dogsbite.org/ for all the gory details.

Why would you want a pit bull?

Pit bull apologists continue to claim that it’s the owner, not the dog. But why does someone want to own a pit bull?

This is a dog with such a bad reputation that many places, such as the city of Denver, CO and the county of Dade, FL, have banned the breed after horrific attacks.

Many insurance companies exclude pit bulls in homeowners policies.

How many animal rights extremists cringe when they see someone bring a pit bull into a dog park?

Sure pit bulls may be loyal, affectionate, blah blah blah but EVERY DOG BREED advocate says the same things about their breed.

I think what Boston columnist quoted at the beginning of this article was alluding to was that many people get pit bulls because of their fierce reputation as guard dogs or because they think tough dogs make them look tough. Too late they discover they have a tiger by the tail.


I’ll close with a statement from Lt. Abe Gamez of Contra Costa (CA) Animal Services after his investigation into the severe mauling of an 80-year-old woman by her neighbor’s pit bulls – dogs she’d interacted with numerous times before:

“In the meantime, if you encounter a pit bull, keep an eye on it no matter how often its owner says it is the sweetest little pup you've ever seen. That's especially true if it is a "rehabilitated'' dog, which has supposedly had its breeding curbed by good training.

"Rehabilitated,'' says Gamez, "means it hasn't bitten anyone lately.''


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