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Who Else Wants to Learn the Secrets of Having a Happy, Well Behaved Small Dog?

Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

Which category do YOU belong to?

Category A: You're seriously thinking about getting a small dog but need help in selecting the right breed?

Category B: You've owned a Toy breed for awhile but still have questions on the best way to care for your dog?

Finally, there's special report - available for immediate download - for people in both categories.

Here's a sneak preview at some of the things you'll discover in your breed's special report:

    • The keys to successful house training (always popular)
    • What to expect from your puppy and adult dog
      (learn this before you get the dog)

    • Ways to make your dog love you and his new home
      (these tips will serve you over the long haul)

    • Quick and easy ways to groom your dog
      (learn what you really must do and what's your option)

    • Potential genetic and health problems
      (and how to safely bypass vaccinations)

    • Estate planning for your dog
      (what happens if you outlive your dog - it could happen)

    • Pros and cons of places to get a dog (especially the things you beware of from commercial sellers as well as rescue groups or shelters)

…and much, much more!

Along with your special report, you'll receive a free gift: a copy of
Dog Food 101, the answers to the questions I'm most often asked about dog food and my recommendations on the best diets and products.

Being a long-time dog person and owner, former breeder and certified canine specialist, I have more than 20-years experience and knowledge to share with you.

I am not a "dog whisperer" or "dog psychic" or "dog behavior therapist." Remember that no state or federal government agency regulates these and anyone can call themselves any chic canine term they want.

My series "Louise Louis's Live with a ..." is from real life, not fads.

I've spent the time and research to create a comprehensive guide on the Toy breed of your choice. There's a special report on each of the American Kennel Club's 21 Toy breeds.

From puppy to senior canine, the information you need is in in these.

To learn more about the breed you're considering and to order your special report, just click on the dog breed below that interests you. Each special report is $29.97.

Having a canine companion should be fun! Learn how to make it that way.

P.S. The 5 most popular special reports (based on sales) are the Yorkshire Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Shih Tzu, Pug and Pomeranian.

P.P.S. Despite the jokes, small dogs do not have to be yappy little tyrants. You can train your little dog to be a great companion once you understand how to be a leader to your dog.

American Kennel Club Toy Breeds

•Brussels Griffon
•Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
•Chinese Crested
•English Toy Spaniel

•Italian Greyhound
•Japanese Chin
•Manchester Terrier
•Miniature Pinscher
•Shih Tzu
•Silky Terrier
•Toy Fox Terrier
•Toy Poodle
•Yorkshire Terrier


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