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Interactive Dog Toys
Kyjen, Bettie, Chuckit, and Video on How to Teach 'Shake Paws'

Below are three toys that that give you an idea of types of interactive toys and how they can be used.

At the end of this article is a video from the Dummies series on how to teach your dog to shake paws. You don't have to spend money to have fun or interact with your dog. Teach him some easy and fun 'tricks' that you'll both enjoy. You're not going to turn him into a circus act!

Also see the article on Nina Ottosson for more challenging (and expensive) interactive toys.

color image of dogs playing poker
Very advanced dog games

Interactive toys require the owner to interact with the toy and the dog.

Activity toys, on the other hand, keep a dog occupied and entertained by himself. Think of a Kong stuffed with peanut butter as the classic activity toy.

One toy is not better than other. It's how you want to use it. Do keep in mind that most interactive toys have more moving parts - that's part of their design - so have more opportunity for a dog to break apart a piece and try to swallow it. That rarely turns out well.

Throw out damaged toys and don't leave your dog alone with a toy that has small pieces that he might pry or chew loose from the toy and then try to swallow.

Kyjen dog toys

Kyjen Hide-A-Bee Pet Toy

Your dog may prefer one style - horizontal or vertical - over the other.

I feel in love with the bright yellow bees. Fortuantely, my little one loves to paw out a bee and run around the house while sqeaking the bee's little body.

Some dogs - my Poodle doesn't - prefer to dig out the inside of these long toys.

Kyjen Long Body Gator Dog Toy with 16 Squeakers

The alligator here is nice because it has 16 - yes, 16 - speakers in its body and many dogs love to jump on it to test that out.

See all the great plush Kyjen toys here: Kyjen toys

Bettie Fetch Toy
Slobber And Spice (Orange)

Bettie Fetch Toy Slobber And Spice (Orange)

Ever-popular Otis and Claude's Bettie comes in a range of bright colors and is durable enough that you can start your puppy with it and have it last into his adulthood.

Its design makes it easy to grasp in a small canine mouth or human hand.

Every dog and owner should have one for fetch. Plus it bounces when it hits the ground and floats in water.

Make it serve double duty by stuffing treats in its 'arms.'

The only drawback is that this is made in China.

Chuckit! Sport 14S Launcher (Colors Vary)

If you have a dog who loves to play Fetch but your back and your arm are complaining and you're tired of picking up slobbered on balls, this is the toy for you.

Throw a ball with the launcher and let your dog do the work. You'll have to try it a few times to see how hard and how high to throw.

I recommend the rubber balls instead of a tennis-type ball because they last longer and clean up easier. Take a look at Chuckit! Small Ultra Ball 2 inch, 2-Pack which can be used with or without Chuckit.

You may decide that the longer, classic Chuckit works better for your arm rather than this small one sized for small dogs. They're not that expensive so don't give up on this until you're tried the other sizes.

Shake Paws


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