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Homemade Dog Treats
color picture of Pug standing on bathroom scale

Apple Fritters

Liver Treats
Oatmeal Globs
Scrambled Eggs
Steak and Honey
Summertime special - Popsicle

Best guide to what to feed your dog


You'll need Kong toy, peanut butter and chicken or beef stock

1. Get a KONG Classic Kong Dog Toy that has a hole suitable
for stuffing food inside

2. Stuff it with peanut butter or other soft, safe food that
your dog likes that freezes well

3. Put the filled KONG toy into your freezer and give it
enough time to solidify

4. In the meantime, open ready-made chicken or beef
stock or prepare it. It doesn't have to be warm, just

5. Get the stuffed toy from the freezer and ensure that the
inside is frozen enough to hold the stock which you pour into it

6. Put back into the freezer until the inside is frozen

Then give it to your dog on an especially hot day.
It will cool him and keep him occupied


1. Mix two cups of whole wheat (or oat) flour (ideally, whole grain flour)
with one teaspoon of baking powder.

2. Fold in one cup of skim/nonfat milk

3. Fold in one cup of reduced sodium and fat peanut butter

4. Mix well

5. Roll out on a nonstick cookie sheet so the dough is about one-fourth inch thick

5. Cut with cookie cutters

6. Bake at 375F for 20 minutes

7. Cool and serve

"Two Paws Up" Liver Treats

1. Get quarter pound of lamb liver (that's about 4 oz. - the liver
may be packaged in larger sizes. That's fine. It's just that this
makes a lot of treats as you eventually cut the liver into small

2. Place it in a pot filled with water, bring it to a boil and let it
simmer until the liver no longer looks raw and seems cooked through

3. Take it out of the water and place it on paper towels to cool

4. Cut the liver into small cubes (about one-half inch square or
whatever you can manage)

5. Place the cubes on an over-proof tray and bake for one hour
at a cool setting (no more than 275F)

6. Let the cubes cool before serving. He will love every one

Leftovers can be frozen and doled out for good behavior

P.S. If liver is too expensive, buy hot dogs instead. Boil them
and cut into small portions. These are perennial favorites

You Won the Lotto and Want To Share With Your
Dog - Honey Steak

1. Buy a steak of your choice, large enough for both of you.

2. Preheat oven to 425-degrees.

3. Put a little honey (about 2 oz) in a saucepan and heat on
low until it's a little runny.

4. Spray a pan (like a broiler tray) with non-stick spray made
with olive oil or butter-flavor

5. Slice the steak into strips, each about the length of your
index finger and about one-half inch thick. Cut each strip
into quarters. Place on the pan

6. Use a pastry brush to brush each piece with the runny honey.

7. Bake for ten-minutes at 425-degrees

8. Let the pieces cool and get hard before giving them to
your best friend

9. These keep in the refrigerator for up to three days

P.S. Do not feed your dog raw meat or fish. He is susceptible
to food-borne diseases, such as botulism, just as you are.

Apple Fritters

1. Use one large sweet apple such as Red Delicious

2. Peel, core and quarter the apple

3. Use a cheese slicer, knife or mandolin and slice thinly

4. Put a sheet of foil, wax paper or baking parchment on a cookie tray

5. Arrange slices on the paper so they aren't touching one another

6. Bake at 275F for one hour or until lightly browned

7. Turn once or twice to brown on both sides

8. Cool and serve to dog and owner

Oatmeal Globs

1. Get a box of regular (not instant) oatmeal.

2. Cook half-cup of oatmeal (for about 20 treats) or a
full cup (for about 40 treats) according to package directions

3. Line a cookie tray with foil, wax paper or parchment
paper made for baking

3. Drop small globs of the oatmeal on the papered cookie tray

4. Bake at 275F for one hour or until globs turn golden brown

5. Turn once while baking to brown on both sides

6. Cool before serving

Scrambled Eggs

Our entire family has scrambled eggs on Sunday mornings, and that includes the dogs.

The humans, however, get spices and salsa in their eggs. The dogs have plain eggs with a twist. Instead of using water when I whip the eggs, I open a can of water-packed tuna and use the juice from the can in lieu of water. Use one tablespoon of tuna water for every egg.

The dogs go wild. Remember, no salt or other spices for canines. The tuna flavor is more than enough.

As you peruse the Internet, you'll find all kinds of recommendations for canine diets: raw, bones, vegetarian, low protein, high protein, etc.

There are several professional and authoritarian looking websites that
rate dog foods. Unfortunately, there are many old wives tales that are
taken as fact, and many websites that don't bother to update as
our scientific knowledge evolves.

I highly, highly recommend you read the book:
Chow Hounds: Why Our Dogs Are Getting Fatter -A Vet's Plan to Save Their Lives
by veterinarian Ernie Ward.

He'll provide verifiable information and dispel the myths you've found on other websites. You may be surprised.

If you want to receive automatic email alerts when the Food and Drug Administration recalls a dog food product, sign up here.

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