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Small Dogs Mean Big Love
Toy breeds make great pets for adults

and you can wash a small dog in
the kitchen sink

Why get a small, Toy breed dog instead of a big dog?

Size matters

Many condominiums, apartments and retirement communities prohibit dogs above a certain height or weight.

You can pick up a 5-10 pound dog. If you ever have to carry an injured or elderly dog or one that's in danger, you'll appreciate the light weight.

Small dogs require less exercise

One daily walk or even a romp indoors will be enough to satisfy many Toy breeds. Don't try that if you have a Labrador.

When you finish your short walk, you can place your Toy breed in your lap or next to you on the sofa. Neither your lap nor your sofa will be the worst for wear. Try that with a 100-pound Old English Sheepdog.

Maintenance is easier

Take a Labrador and a Yorkie walking. See which one you would rather pick up poop after for the next ten years.

It's also easier to groom a little dog you can hold in your lap than it is one who weighs nearly as much as you do.

Small dogs reduce your liability

Some home owners insurance policies also restrict coverage or charge more for large dogs.

A Chihuahua might bite but he's unlikely to cause severe injury or death. In our litigious society, that's a major plus.

People don't fear Toy breeds

Try taking a Pit Bull for a walk around a suburban neighborhood. You'll develop a reputation, but one you probably don't want. With a Toy breed, people will be wanting to coo and pet your dog, not call the police.

{Toy breeds can still be great watchdogs and alert you if a stranger approaches your property.}

Immediate costs are less (but go on longer)

Toy breeds cost less to maintain on a day-to-day basis, such as cost of dog food. Small dogs do tend to live longer so the cost differences may not be so great in the long run.

Toy breeds exist to be pets

Although the origin of many Toy breeds may be one of working (such as Yorkies bred to hunt rodents), today's Toy breeds exist to be canine companions. They love attention and love to be with you.

You can take your petite pooch with you just about everywhere. You'll never be able to say that about the large dog breeds.

You can have them potty indoors when needed

I mean housetrained but using a litter box or pads. This is great if you live in a high rise or in an area with extreme temperatures or unsafe streets. Any dog who lives long enough will eventually have some degree of incontinence. How nice if your dog is able to potty indoors.

Don't try a litter box with a Labrador or other big dog. The smell and quantity of waste material will overwhelm your home.

Who shouldn't get a Toy breed?

  • Families with very young (under 10-years of age) children would be better
    off with larger dogs. Toy breeds can be injured unintentionally by rough housing even from a toddler.
  • People looking for jogging partners. Some Toy breeds, such as the Affenpinscher and Italian Greyhound, enjoy active lifestyles but that doesn't mean they could keep up with your three-mile run.

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