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5 Best Gifts for Your Favorite Dog(s)
Treat, Chew, Toys, Sweater, and Bed
Don't forget your favorite dog owner: 5 great gifts

color image of green plush gator dog toy with 16 squeakers
Kyjen Plush Puppies Squeaker Mat Long Body Gator Dog Toy with 16 Squeakers

color image of Red Barn natural bully sticks for dogs
Red Barn Natural Bully Sticks

Treat - Red Barn Natural Bully Sticks - 7"

You may be thinking organic, homemade, vegan or low fat, but is this treat for him or for you?

If you gave your dog your credit card and told him to buy his own gift, he'd come home with a bully stick.

High protein (they're made from the uncooked, dried penis of a bull or steer) and irresistible, but don't get the smoked version which can upset some canine stomachs.

This is a great treat for special occasions because it's expensive on a per-stick basis, and there is an aroma. Your dog will love it but you may find the smell hard to tolerate. I like the Red Barn brand the best.

NOTE: This is truly a special treat. Each stick is usually around 88 calories which about 30% of the recommended daily calories for a 10-pound dog.

Bon appetite.

color image of pink princess dog bone for small and toy breed dogs
Royal Princess Dog Bone Toy

color image of blue nylabone  dog bone sized for small and toy breed dogs
Nylabone My Prince Wishbone

Chews - Royal Princess Dog Bone Toy, Small Pink or Nylabone My Prince Wishbone Petite

Indulge them while you offer them a chew toy that's good for them.

Both Nylabones are a durable nylon strong enough for tough chewers but small enough for the mouth and teeth of Toy breeds.

These 'bones' also help control tartar and plaque buildup. During normal chewing, small bristle-like projections will be raised which help clean teeth. There's a soft minty center that creates a gum-massaging effect most dogs enjoy.

This is not a consumable product, but if you dog does swallow any small shavings (no larger than a grain of rice), they should pass through without problem. Replace when the knuckles on top are worn down.

The colors aren't just cute, they make it easier for the human to find on the carpet or floor.


Toys - Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Dog Toy Only Your Dog Can Hear

If you're tired of listening to your dog's squeak, squeak, squeak toys, you will love the Quaker Pet Group's line of Hear Doggy toys.

They emit an ultrasonic sound inaudible to humans. The plush toys give your dog the same sensation and enjoyment of a regular squeaky plush toy but without the annoying noise to human ears.

The toy line comes in two styles: stuffed (blowfish, whale and penguin) or flat (deer, rabbit and skunk).

Your dog should love them and you won't hear them squeak - really.
Each toy is tuned to 28khz hearing range.

See the full line of Hear Doggy toys here: Ultrasonic dog toys


Sweater - Zack & Zoey Basic Hoodie Sm Tomato Red

I really like the designs in the Zack & Zoey collection and the prices are reasonable.

This particular hoodie is made of soft cotton with ribbed sleeves and hem for a comfy fit. It comes in five bright, really bright, colors: red, blue, green, black and violet. Machine washable.

See their full collection here: Other Zack and Zoey sweaters

Tempur-Pedic Dog Bed

An expensive but long lasting gift that will be especially appreciated by older or arthritic dogs.

We can thank NASA for memory foam and the Tempur-Pedic company for perfecting a manufacturing process that's still the gold standard in memory foam beds.

Built like a couch with enough length for a dog to stretch out, this microfiber bolster bed provides the security and support from behind that most small dogs like.

Some cheaper brands have one or two inches of memory foam on top an egg crate foam to make the mattress. This one has two inches of Tempur pedic and two inches of support foam.

  • 4-inch thick mattress
  • quilted or fleece sleep cover
  • odor-resistant TEMPUR material core
  • water-resistant liner
  • removable cover is machine washable

Small size is 35-1/2" x 25-1/2" outside dimensions for dogs up to 40 lb

Comes in light brown, sage, brown tweed, and slate. You can have your dog's name monogrammed on it for a small extra charge.

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